We are Maikai



We are on a mission to accelerate change by transforming behaviours, mindsets and lives for a better world

From environment to social injustice, we are determined to be an optimistic force to help fix some of the World's biggest problems. We will do this through our sports and purpose-led ecosystem, bringing together like-minded individuals and organisations to take action.

Maikai: ‘Being Our Best Selves’

Inspired by the Hawaiian term, being Maikai is about being your best self mentally, physically, morally

It’s about being good for your family, friends, teammates and colleagues

Allowing us all to collectively do good for our world

Our Goal:

To make Purpose count through inspiring a movement of change

To build a movement of partners, influencers and doers – convened around important causes that deliver positive change

Our Approach:

Energising & enabling elite athletes & brands to ignite change for a better world

Providing pathways & opportunities to galvanise action

Driven by purpose, focused on impact & positive change outcomes that inspire

Steered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Our Ethos:

Driven By Better – we believe better is always possible and put that belief into action every day

Collaboration to the Core – we go further, faster by working in an open curious and generous way with others

Infectious Energy – we are optimists, and believe our collective positivity and commitment will inspire the greatest change

Deeply in Tune – we listen, we learn, and we do what’s right for each individual, group and community to solve the challenges

Igniting positive change for people and planet. That's our field of play.

We deliver value through our unique approach



Using our pathways to curate and accelerate Global Citizenship for Athletes, Teams & Businesses – convening a like-minded impact focused community


Delivering purpose initiatives around the world that make a lasting difference to citizens and communities


Driving impact through our ecosystem – forming unique collaborations that accelerate impactful change


Enabling & Measuring Real Impact – we are obsessive about proving positive outcomes

From individual actions to global movements.

We are supercharging positive change.

Join Us.